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Holistic healthcare for all kinds of disorders without any side effects.


AYURVEDIC is recognized by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is used by more people then any other healthcare systems in the world and as now become increasingly popular in the west.

Make sure you consult fully qualified ayurvedic drs. only and do not buy any products from unqualified and lay person and grocery shops. If you take wrong remedies for your health problems without consulting registered qualified dr. than ayurvedic remedies even harmful for your body and never take other persons remedies for your problems.

I hope above information is very useful for general public and all community.

Thank You.
Dr. Kanu Patel (Know more about him)

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Treats the whole person, not just the disease
Treats the cause, not the symptom
Enhances your inner healing ability
Has no harmful side effects
Cheaper than expensive drug and Surgery.
Is compatible with modern medicine.

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Our Services at a glance

  • Free Online Consultation
  • Online Constitution Analysis
  • Panchakarma Therapy
  • Immuherb : Ayurvedic,Herbal and Homeopathic Food Supplement.
  • Expert Advice and Treatment on Beauty Care by Ayurvedic Methods & Herbs
  • Obesity Management by Natural Ways and Ayurvedic ways of Treatments.
  • Short Term Training Program on Ayurveda And Herbal Medicines.
  • Applied Research on Different Aspects of Ayurveda
  • Development of New Herbal Formulations
  • Supply of Herbs and Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Unique Offer to the Service of Ayurveda.